Adding macrons to vowels

Macrons are used to indicate the correct pronunciation of vowels in te reo Māori. Macrons are the line above the vowels indicating they should be lengthened when spoken.

Adding macrons to vowels in Moodle or Blackboard

Change to the HTML view – there will be a button with HTML on it – type the code below in place of the letter you are replacing, and change back to the normal or visual view.

The HTML codes (without the space between the &# and the numbers and with the semi-colon ; at the end) are:
Ā – &# 256;
ā – &# 257;
Ē – &# 274;
ē – &# 275;
Ī – &# 298;
ī – &# 299;
Ō – &# 332;
ō – &# 333;
Ū – &# 362;
ū – &# 363;

So the word Māori in HTML looks like this: M&# 256;ori.

Have a look at Tom Robinson’s webpage which contains more information about adding Māori macron characters in HTML.

Adding macrons to vowels in Word

Use either
Insert, symbol and select the appropriate option (works on PC and Mac)
use the codes below (PC only):
Ā – type 0100, then press alt and x at the same time.
ā – 0101, alt and x
Ē – 0112, alt and x
ē – 0113, alt and x
Ī – 012a, alt and x
ī – 012b, alt and x
Ō – 014c, alt and x
ō – 014d, alt and x
Ū – 016a, alt and x
ū – 016b, alt and x

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