StudySmart is an online information skills course for ELM2 which is part of the EBP block. The course comprises a number of topics all of which culminate in a quiz. Each topic has a number of tasks associated with it. Students can do the tasks in order or go straight to the quiz if they feel they know the topic well enough. To progress to the next topic, a student needs to achieve 80% in the quiz.

Screen shot from MEDMoodle of StudySmart course

Who was involved?

The course content was planned by: Richard German, Sue Weddell, Sarah Gallagher and Trish Leishman of the Health Sciences Library. The course was designed and built in Moodle by Sarah Gallagher. Members of the Faculty of Medicine: David Perez, Phi Blyth, Tony Barrett and Tony Egan were consulted about various aspects of the course content, design, construction and evaluation.

Why did I / We develop this piece of eLearning?

This course was developed to replace a lecture and two hour lab sessions held by library staff (nine hours of teaching when labs were broken into groups) that was held at the start of Semester 1.  An increase in student numbers meant labs became difficult fit into the curriculum. Creating an online course solved this problem, but also meant the skills learning could be placed in context with the students’ first piece of formative assessment (Genetics essay due in August) for which they need to use information skills.

Student gains:

While there is a due date for this course course, students can do the coursework in their own time. The course is better integrated into the curriculum now as the skills learned can be transferred to their genetics essay. According to qualitative and quantitative feedback from the students learning was achieved across all of the topics. Main areas of learning were in: using Summon to find full text articles, learning how to reference, learning about choosing and using appropriate online resources. Students indicated learning and practicing information skills makes more sense to them in the context of an assessment. Data was collected from Moodle quiz, end of course evaluation and focus group session.

The best thing about developing this piece of eLearning was:

Building and testing the course – I enjoyed building objects for the course, and learning to use Moodle.

The Challenges:

Finding appropriate resources (where we didn’t already have relevant material) was time consuming.

Tools and Resources used in this initiative:



Design Comics

Royalty free music



Google docs for planning and collaborating




Vancouver (numeric) referencing tutorial

Online Information Literacy Modules

Plagiarism Quiz (Monash)

Plagiarism video (Bainbridge College)

Web of Science tutorial

Scopus tutorial

Cochrane library tutorial

What is a systematic review

Systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines

Dr / patient consultation

Want to know more about this project?
Contact Sarah Gallagher at the Medical Library

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