Free Open Access Meducation – FOAM and #FOAMed

What is FOAM?

FOAM is:

and #FOAMed?

#FOAMed is:
the Twitter hashtag for FOAM resources

“FOAM is the movement that has spontaneously emerged from the exploding collection of constantly evolving, collaborative and interactive open access medical education resources being distributed on the web with one objective — to make the world a better place. FOAM is independent of platform or media — it includes blogs, podcasts, tweets, Google hangouts, online videos, text documents, photographs, facebook groups, and a whole lot more.” (

Have a look at #FOAMed here

The fastest and easiest way to FOAM, right now, is to look at the #FOAMed hashag on Twitter. Have a look now and see what is being shared.

This is what a tweet looks like:

And from here you can link to several other online sources.

When you get hooked on #FOAMed …

Join Twitter and follow the #FOAMed hashtag.

Join Twitter? How?

You can: wing it … head to and complete the sign up then click around to find out how it works, OR
Check out a 10min tut … head to Twitter Basics 001 for a 10 minute tutorial to get you going. Twitter Basics 002 is well worth watching to get more proficient and Twitter Basics 003 will fill out your knowledge.

FOAM is the Future

If you want to know how we practiced medicine 5 years ago, read a textbook.
If you want to know how we practiced medicine 2 years ago, read a journal.
If you want to know how we practice medicine now, go to a (good) conference.
If you want to know how we will practice medicine in the future, listen in the hallways and use FOAM.

— from International EM Education Efforts & E-Learning by Joe Lex 2012 on

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