Easy Screenshots in Windows

Are you a Windows user?

Do you use screen shots (or do you want to use screen shots)?

Here is an easy Window tool to get screen shots OR parts of a screen shot

Screen shot of Snipping Tool

What is a screen shot?

Also known as: screen capture, screencap, screen dump, screen grab, print screen.
A screen shot is a picture of what you are looking at on your screen.

Windows Snipping Tool

Snipping tool from start menu
– Click on the start menu,
– Type snip into the ‘search programs and files’ box,
– Click on Snipping Tool when the results show.

The Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool opens and the rest of the screen pales a bit.
Screen shot of Snipping Tool

To use:

– Click on the drop down arrow beside New,
– Select the shape of the screen shot you want to capture,
– Rectangular – drag the cursor over the rectangle you want to capture,
– Free form – draw around the elements you want to capture,
– Window – click on the window you want to capture,
– Full-screen – click on the screen you want to capture.
– Click and drag to select the part of the screen you want to use.
– Once you let go of the mouse button you have your screen shot.

Snipping Tool step 2

 Annotating and Highlighting

Click on the pen to annotate; or highlight with the highlighter, and erase these with the rubber.
The drop down menu beside the pen lets you customise the pen colour, nib thickness and tip shape.

Save, Save as, Send and Copy

You’ve also got save (the disk), save as (on the file menu), send (file menu or envelope) and copy (the two pages) options.
Save As options include: HTML, PNG, GIF, JPEG formats.
Once you’ve saved your screen capture you can add it to your documents, Moodle course, email etc as you would any other image.


Hit F1 for more information and help including ‘how to capture a snip of a menu’ and how to ‘share a snip’.

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