Health Sciences eLearning

Health Science e-Learning Information and Support Portal

There is heaps of eLearning happening, today, in the Division of Health Sciences!
Students in all faculty and schools are having their learning challenged and extended using eLearning strategies and techniques.

Who is doing eLearning?

Meet some Health Sciences’ colleagues who are doing eLearning.

What they are doing?

All manner of initiatives are underway – find out about embedding a video, building an interactive quiz, adding a web page link, virtual doctoring, ….

What tools have been used for eLearning?

A brief overview of some eLearning, eCommunication, eCollaboration, eSomething-else tools that are available from the University of Otago or from the Web.

How to get started in eLearning?

A matrix showing some educational outputs and the technologies that can help deliver them.

Just looking for more about Moodle or Blackboard?

Learning management systems in use at Otago.

Policies and Copyright

Descriptions and links to some University rules and guidelines around the web, internet, eLearning, copyright and similar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have wondered about something, so has someone else!
Find an answer here, or pose a question using the form below¬† …

What now?

– Have a look around;
– Click the links;
– Make a comment;
– Ask a question;
– Tell us about your e-Learning efforts;
– Bookmark this site and come back …
– Tell a friend or colleague about this site..

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  1. An e-portfolio has been developed at Otago for students in oral health. I consider it could be readily adaptable for other programmes in HS. Contact Russell Butson, HEDC. Why use Mahara?

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