An open source learning management system developed and refined by educators, rather than computer engineers, around the world.


Screenshot of MEDMoodle homepage
Moodle has activities and resources to help with
-transferring information,
-assessing learning,
-communicating with students,
-interacting with students, and
-jointly (you and the students or smaller groups of students) creating content.
The Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers can help you to work out what to use to achieve your learning.


The Faculty of Medicine is using Moodle as MEDMoodle.
Have a look at MEDMoodle here:
Login with your usual University of Otago username and password.

Who can use MEDMoodle?

Anyone in the Faculty of Medicine – just ask ..

Who do I ask?

The person to talk to about MEDMoodle and Moodle is Phil Blyth.
Email or phone (03) 479 4290.

Don’t like blue?!

The Otago Feedback Study front page on MEDMoodleHauora Maori on MEDMoodle
In Moodle, you can change the theme that your course is built in. This changes the colours, fonts, layout, spacing and therefore the feel of your course. Both of these courses are on MEDMoodle.
When you’re setting up your course, ask about changing the theme.

Need help with Moodle?

  • The Moodle Help for Staff page has a selection of video tutorials.
  • The Help menu on MEDMoodleThe hand mouse icon pointing at the Help menu on MEDMoodle
    has several resources and will get more!
  • Email med.moodle at and ask your question.
  • To learn even more have a look at Moodle School New Zealand (free registration required)