eCase_colour_webeCases is a collaborative initiative with AD Instruments to build online learning opportunities in the Integrated Cases programme of Early Learning in Medicine (Years 2 and 3).

Traditionally, Integrated Cases are delivered over two weeks in two face-to-face tutorials with Independent Learning (IDL) activities competed between tutorials. eCases adopts a blended learning model, and will over time deliver the first tutorial and the IDL of selected Integrated Cases as online modules. The second tutorial will remain as face-to-face time and will draw on material from the online components.

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Empathy teaching for Health Professionals

A toolkit for a workshop-based approach to teaching health professionals about empathy. Includes video simulations of empathic interventions by a range of health professionals; workshop plan and resources; comprehensive bibliography related to the project.

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Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN)

From the Information Sciences Alumni Newsletter March 2005 we learn of a project to share e-Learning with our wider Pacific community.

WHO Project Allows Staff to Teach in Pacific Island Countries

Health professionals in various Pacific Island countries, particularly those working in rural and remote areas, have less opportunity than their peers in developed and even some developing countries to keep abreast with both technical and technological advancements in medicine and healthcare. For their continuing education and professional development, distance education using a variety of media is an option that has been supported by World Health Organisation (WHO) in collaboration with the governments of Japan and the Pacific Island countries and some education providers including the University of Otago.
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Lifelong Oral Health e-Portfolio

This project developed and implemented an e-Portfolio that students could use for recording both student and professional education and learning. The aim was that the e-Portfolio could be used for meeting the ongoing annual practicing certificate competency requirements of the Dental Council.

Oral Health Portfolio

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