There are a number of policy, procedure and guideline documents which apply, in various ways, in the electronic space. Below is NOT an exhaustive list, but an overview of some documents with particular relevance.
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University Web Policy

“Purpose: This Policy provides a set of Principles that applies to the University of Otago’s web presence, which includes any online information or service purporting to represent all or part of the University of Otago.”
Contact: Marketing and Communication

University Web Guidelines

“Purpose: The Guidelines underpin the Web Policy and provide the practical, ‘how to’ information that staff require.”
The Guidelines include direction and links in these, and other, areas. Content, Technical, Security, Accessibility, Social Media, Legal, Branding, Monitoring and compliance.
Contact: Marketing and Communication
SELECTED links from the Web Guidelines include:

Other Associated Documents

As part of managing the whole of the University’s web presence there is also an Internet Usage Policy and an Internet Domain Name Procedure and other web, internet, or e- related documents.

Using these resources

When you’re developing your eLearning initiative ask!
Ask Information Technology or Copyright or Marketing and Communication or Web Services or Māori Staff