eCase_colour_webeCases is a collaborative initiative with AD Instruments to build online learning opportunities in the Integrated Cases programme of Early Learning in Medicine (Years 2 and 3).

Traditionally, Integrated Cases are delivered over two weeks in two face-to-face tutorials with Independent Learning (IDL) activities competed between tutorials. eCases adopts a blended learning model, and will over time deliver the first tutorial and the IDL of selected Integrated Cases as online modules. The second tutorial will remain as face-to-face time and will draw on material from the online components.

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Empathy teaching for Health Professionals

A toolkit for a workshop-based approach to teaching health professionals about empathy. Includes video simulations of empathic interventions by a range of health professionals; workshop plan and resources; comprehensive bibliography related to the project.

Screen shot of Empathy Team homepage

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Healthtalkonline – patient video vignettes

Screenshot from is a UK based charity which interviews real patients and families about health conditions and experiences.

How can you use this resource in your teaching?
Provide students with a link to the most useful page/s for their learning.

Share a vignette in your teaching.

Engage students in a discussion (in class, by blog, use a discussion forum) about the reported patient or family experience.

Finding a page to use
The ‘a-z of conditions‘ (top right on the homepage) provides a list of topics covered.

The main structure is: Category (Heart disease); Type (High blood pressure); then Popular topic (Changes to diet) or People’s Stories (all interviews).

Need more help
Click the ‘How to use this site…‘ (bottom centre of the homepage) link for instructions.

See also
Real Patients discuss their health conditions

Real Patients discuss their health conditions

Real patients and their families discussing cancer, anxiety, asthma, grief and trauma, epilepsy and others …
The library has completed subscribing to the media streaming site Kanopy including 54 episodes of Real Time Health’s Speaking from Experience series.

Screenshot from Real Time Health

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Quandary helps you to make online action mazes, a type of interactive case-study. The users are presented with a situation and a set of options, depending on which option they choose they get another set of options.

Why or When to use this tool

Use Quandary when you want to challenge students to make decisions AND have them react or respond to their decisions.

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