Getting started in eLearning

eLearning can be a bit daunting if you haven’t done it before.

Some easier ways into eLearning may be to:

  • talk to a Health Sciences colleague who is doing eLearning.
  • get some inspiration from a Health Sciences eLearning initiative that is already up and running.
  • if have an idea of either a technology you want to use, OR a particular part of learning you want to target; have a look at this matrix (click for pdf version) to see where you could use eLearning to help your students learn and what tools might help you achieve that learning.

eLearning matrix

You will see that quite a number of these educational impacts can be achieved with one of the Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are available to you. Both Moodle and Blackboard contain a range of tools, which can help you help your students learn.

The ITS page – Digital Tools – lists some other technologies and tools which can be used to engage with students.

If you’re interested in other technologies and tools have a look at this pdf of tools used within the faculty of medicine or the Tools Directory compiled by the Centre of Learning and Performance Technologies.

Link here to information about Copyright, and other University policies and processes.

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eCase_colour_webeCases is a collaborative initiative with AD Instruments to build online learning opportunities in the Integrated Cases programme of Early Learning in Medicine (Years 2 and 3).

Traditionally, Integrated Cases are delivered over two weeks in two face-to-face tutorials with Independent Learning (IDL) activities competed between tutorials. eCases adopts a blended learning model, and will over time deliver the first tutorial and the IDL of selected Integrated Cases as online modules. The second tutorial will remain as face-to-face time and will draw on material from the online components.

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