Who is doing eLearning in Health Sciences

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Who’s doing eLearning around here?

You may not be aware which of your colleagues are trying out eLearning to support their teaching.

Here are some of the people DOING eLearning or interested in eLearning from around the Division of Health Sciences and supporting services.

Name Department or Role eLearning Interests eLearning Projects (complete or ‘in progress’)
Phil Blyth Senior Lecturer eLearning in Medicine Otago Virtual Hospital; eLearning in the Faculty of Medicine; BoneDoc
Judy Fisher eLearning Librarian digital information, learning management systems, Higher Education Library Guide
Richard German Health Sciences Librarian Medicine and Evidence-based medicine in the digital world Library Guides: Medicine; EBM for Gen Prac; Ophthalmology; Bioethics
Sarah Gallagher Academic Liaison Librarian Social Media in Research and Tertiary Education StudySmart; Library Guides: Med Lab SciPharmacy; Scholarly Communication; Psych Med
Gordon Sanderson Ophthalmology
David Tordoff Dean’s Department, Medical Education Group, Dunedin Using technology to enhance learning Staff Support , teaching & learning on Moodle. Clinical Pharmacology, personal formulary & prescribing. TIs as teachers by distance learning.
Rob Griffiths Occupational and Aviation Medicine, UOW Simulation, Distance teaching (faculty and staff) Second Life based Aeromedical Transfer Simulation
Steve Gallagher Psychological Medicine / Women’s & Children’s
Sarah Rennie Surgery e-enabled decision making Surgical Decision Making
Jenny McDonald Educational Media, HEDC
Swee Kin Loke Educational Media, HEDC
Bill Anderson Distance Education
Peter Schwartz Pathology Department, DSM Self-directed Formative Quizzes Chemical Pathology Quizzes
David Markie Pathology Department, DSM  Self-directed Formative Quizzes Chemical Pathology Quizzes
Janet Rountree Dental School Administration
Jarom Armstrong Māori/Indigenous Health Institute (MIHI) UOC Video and quiz embedding Hauora Māori for 4th and 5th years
Tony Zaharic Biochemistry, OSMS Podcasting
Jim Faed Pathology Department, Dunedin Self-directed learning, case-based learning, continuing assessment, programmed learning resources that progressively expand to more advanced levels for more senior students Case based learning for Blood Module (concept phase), Continuing assessment for MELS302 (Haematology and Transfusion Science) course
Tehmina Gladman Medical Education Unit, Wellington Mobile Learning, Serious games, faculty engagement with eLearning development, student motivation to engage in self-directed online learning

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eCase_colour_webeCases is a collaborative initiative with AD Instruments to build online learning opportunities in the Integrated Cases programme of Early Learning in Medicine (Years 2 and 3).

Traditionally, Integrated Cases are delivered over two weeks in two face-to-face tutorials with Independent Learning (IDL) activities competed between tutorials. eCases adopts a blended learning model, and will over time deliver the first tutorial and the IDL of selected Integrated Cases as online modules. The second tutorial will remain as face-to-face time and will draw on material from the online components.

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